Jeffery Williams

Geek in good standing.

Hello, I'm the geek you want on your software project.

I have been a programmer since I was 9 years old. I studied it formally in high school and then got a BS in CS from Indiana University. My favorite language of all time is scheme, but I haven't used it outside of academic pursuits. Python and bash are my current go-to languages. I'm comfortable in the C family of languages including Java and C++. I use them regularly in my professional career. I can write serviceable PHP or javascript code, but I prefer embedded, IoT, and server programming to web or application programming. Feel free to try and change my mind. I'm a big fan of git, but I'm also familiar with ClearCase and Subversion.

About 1999 I got my first desktop capable of running Linux and have run Debian or Ubuntu ever since. In college, I would compile the Linux kernel to match my machine hardware, but now I have better things to do with my time. For nearly 15 years I've maintained "" on a private Linux server, providing web hosting and email for my family. When it's critical, I get called to help with server setup and upgrades. I run MS Windows on a virtual machine for a few pesky programs (like the MS Office Suite). It's a lot easier now that the VM kernel modules aren't so fragile.

I'm comfortable developing requirements and user stories for use by other developers. I have no problem documenting specifications, tests, or procedures. I'm happy managing software and system projects. I have managed system verification projects including the testing team. I run regular Change Control Board meetings with other team members. Lastly, it's a delight to train stakeholders and get feedback.

If this is the kind of thing you need, send me a message.

Last updated 2018-April-19th
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